Harmoni Keluarga Beda Agama Di Mlati, Sleman, Yogyakarta

Ermi Suhasti Sy


This work is a fruit of a field research which tries to elucidate the Sakinah, happiness and harmony among couples who live in inter-religious marriage in the District of Mlati, Sleman Yogyakarta by concentrating on two villages, Tirtoadi and Sinduadi. Inter-religious marriage partner argue that they have no serious problem in those aspects. Like other couples of husband and wife who have no different religion, they feel that their couples have fulfilled their needs. They do not live under poverty andhave happy life. In relation to religious life, they also feel that theircouples pay deep attention to religious freedom. They are free to practice their beliefs. No suppression has been applied on them by theircouples. This also happens on socio religious life in those two villages. They feel so lucky because that they live among the members of community who are tolerant, people who give deep appreciation on religious diversity. But it is a bit of strange that although they live among tolerant people, they do not feel comfort to make any contact to other members of society, particularly in relating to socio-religious activities, because they live in the life of inter religiousmarriage. This makes them tending to avoid involve themselves in socio religious activities within society.


Sakinah; harmony; happiness; inter-religious partner; economic; psychological; spiritual; socio religious life

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14421/asy-syir'ah.2011.%25x

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