Restorasi Hukum Di Indonesia

Abu Bakar


The history shows that the collapse of a country does not occur suddenly. There is a long process that preceded it. The collapse as a process could be prevented when supported by a strong, responsive, and authoritative state leadership. Therefore, the collapse of law in a country can be regarded as the most valid sign of deteriorated leadership quality of the ruling regime in the country. A big, strong, and democratic country is always busy making the laws as commander (ahk?m al-h?kim). If the laws are consistently enforced as the commander, they would appear to be stone, sand, and cement for the robust state building. Conversely, when the laws are treated as a tool of power, they will be present as coal, oil, and fire for the destruction of the entire building
structures of the country itself.


Pancasila; Filosofische Grondslag; Core Value; Rechtstaat; the Laws as Commander; Kerancuan Hukum; Restorasi

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